TP Photo Gallery

We're a fun, little community...

George and Diana on their way to our 2012 Potluck dinner.

Peggy, Tamara and Judy posing at the Valentine’s Day run.

Kelly, Michelle, Peggy and Ellen at the JBL 5K in 2011.

Charlie and Angie striking a pose for their March 2013 Member of the Month pose!

Judy got a “boo boo” at the race!  She lived and even won 2nd place in her age group.

Judy practicing her circus act.

Robin and Ozzie at our 10 year anniversary party in 2006!

Charlene all dressed up for the party!

Kay just hangin around before her workout!

Members of Peggy and Ellen’s Balance Class in 2011.

Having FUN & TRX’ing with Mtn. PT”s therapists!

Neysa, Melinda, Lorraine and Donna having some fun before their Friday morning Strength Class with Pegge, their fearless leader! She’s the one with the bunny ears!

Diana showing off her agility ladder skills!

Carol and Jean making good use of the Shoulder Press machine.

Robin and Charlene just hangin around.

Ted and Hope having a big time at our 10 year anniversary.

Hope having some fun on the BOSU – “the things Peggy makes me do!”

Everyone having some fun at one of Peggy’s and Charlene’s Saturday classes. Anything goes!

John Q. just being “goofy”.

Trainers that will wear ears all day have to be people you want to work with!

Ellen says she’s “working out” – looks like play to us.

Phyllis getting ready to start her workout with Peggy and Charlie, happy she’s finished hers.

Peggy and Marilyn at our 10 year anniversary.  All dressed up!

Having some FUN at one of our holiday classes!

There are so many ways to stay healthy with us!