Hi, I'm Ashleigh!

I have been a dancer my whole life and I am constantly awed and inspired by both the movements and the limitations of the human body. Hoping to avoid injury and eager to utilize the incredible mentors around me, I began studying the Pilates methodology and quickly found myself immersed in a passion I never knew I would have: teaching. I moved to Asheville in 2015 to enjoy these beautiful mountains, be closer to family, and share this unique combination of movement and breath with the amazing folks here!




Experience and Credentials

Originally from Longwood, FL, I grew up dancing, performing, and indulging myself in anything creative. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from George Mason University and earned the Excellence in Performance Award upon graduation. I then moved to New York City to pursue a professional dance career and while there had the great pleasure of working with a number of remarkable artists for almost 7 years. I completed her mat and apparatus certification through Bent Pilates, Inc., studying the method of the Kane School of Core Integration, in 2010 and immediately began teaching throughout New York City.

In my quest to further my investigation in total body health and happiness, I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012 and am a practicing AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach. After experiencing the profound benefits of a regular yoga practice, and seeing the vast potential for the ways Pilates and yoga can enhance one other, I obtained my 500-hour Yoga certification from ISHTA Yoga in 2014. When all of my clients and friends began to have babies I decided to get certified in pre-/post-natal mat Pilates in 2014. In addition to teaching hatha yoga, I also lead a Trauma-Sensitive yoga practice for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault throughout Transylvania County. I am also currently obtaining my Masters of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition through the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Client Base

My clients range in age from 30-92 and many come to see me in order to manage pain or recover from a specific injury. I have had clients with scoliosis, neuropathy, arthritis, herniated discs, bursitis, and other chronic pain and issues that are interfering with their optimal quality of life. I also have clients who are looking to build strength, train for athletic performance, lose weight, or to just move and feel good, and I love working with all of them! I combine movement, kinesthetic awareness, humor, and the subtle poetry of the breath to encourage an experience that is empowering, introspective, energetic, transformative and fun!


Things I Like To Do

I will always consider myself a dancer, first and foremost, so exploring that through barre classes, pole fitness, and just dancing socially with friends are some of my favorite activities. I didn’t grow up or spend much time in nature before moving here, but now that I am surrounded by such amazing outdoor opportunities, I have enjoyed hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and am currently learning how to rock climb. I also enjoy wandering through farmers markets, baking, doing crossword puzzles, reading, listening to podcasts, and playing with all of my friends’ dogs (one day I’d love one of my own!).

My husband and I love working with Ashleigh. We do Pilates sessions together and Ashleigh always makes it work for both of us. We have very different needs as our bodies are very different. I am flexible and Ashleigh really works to help me keep my core engaged and not hyperextending. She is always on cue and notices all the subtleties of each movement. My husband is on the other end of the spectrum needing to gain more flexibility. We both have gained more strength and fluidity in our bodies. Ashleigh is always changing things up, making the sessions interesting and fun. And she has a wealth of knowledge about the body. We always look forward to our class with Ashleigh and we always leave feeling vibrant and refreshed!

Tami Alvarez

I am very fit for age 76 and have spent three days a week in the gym doing hard workouts most of my life. However, while creating muscle strength, I neglected my flexibility. Several friends, trainers and my son recommended Pilates. Best decision I ever made. With Ashleigh coaching me, we stretch and work every muscle group twice a week and after almost ten months I am now able to bend and touch the floor and actually tie my shoelaces without difficulty. Working out five days a week really agrees with me, too.

Nick Scull

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