Hi, I'm Drew

Physical fitness has been a large part of my life since my early 20’s. I have always enjoyed finding new and exciting ways to exercise and challenge myself. In 2010 I started down the path of becoming a physical therapist, and over the course of this journey I have developed a passion that was waiting to emerge: a love of the exercise sciences and functional movement. I’ve discovered how physical activity may not only be used as a form of medicine, but also a method of achieving one’s full potential.

Experience and Credentials

In 2009, I began working in the fitness industry as a Rehab Tech in an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Black Mountain, NC. It was here that I discovered my love of fitness and decided to work towards becoming a PT. Following this experience, I started working in Asheville at a long-term nursing facility, further rounding out my experience in rehabilitation. After 3 years of rehab experience, I decided to return to school and make my dreams happen.

From 2012-2016 I attended UNC-Asheville, where I received my BS in Health & Wellness Promotion. This provided me with a background in nutrition, program planning, stress management, exercise physiology, and more. In 2013 I received my ACSM certification as a personal trainer, with which I have conducted Undergraduate Research and worked with the university’s Recreation department. I am constantly looking to challenge and improve myself as a trainer, which is exactly what brought me to Training Partners.

Client Base

I have worked with clients of all ages, capabilities, and sizes. Much of my background includes work with older adults and seniors, though I enjoy working with younger athletes as well. I love to develop various workout routines and, most of all, make them fun! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or veteran of the gym, I’m here to help you achieve your goals and full potential.


Things I Like To Do

I really enjoy my time in the gym, as I can typically be seen power lifting and doing body weight work. I love the feeling of working hard and seeing physical change as a result. When I’m not in the gym, I enjoy reading up on the latest sports medicine and rehabilitation news, primarily through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) newsletters. I also love the outdoors, going on hikes with my girlfriend and exploring new places.



“Drew had a special way of firmly encouraging me to push beyond limits I couldn’t have imagined, like another set of 8 lat pulls or ab crunches on an angled bench. As a distance runner (over 50 marathons including Boston Qualifiers) in 20 years I know that strength training is a ‘must do’.  Drew helped me do so safely and effectively.”

Stacey Millett, MBA Executive Director for Community Engagement & North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness


Stacey Millett,

MBA Executive Director for Community Engagement & North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness

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