Kim Astler

My passions are walking, hiking and being outside. I love to cook, especially for friends and when I have the chance to combine all of these things, that’s a great day! I enjoy helping my clients to reach their own goals, whether they are training for an event or just want to play with their grandchildren on the floor.

Experience and Credentials

NASM and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Red Cross Adult CPR/AED certified.

Client Base

NASM and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Red Cross Adult CPR/AED.

Things I Like To Do

I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, hiking, reading, swimming, going to movies and tasting wine.  And of course, working out.

The advantage for me having a trainer is pushing me to do things I would not normally do when I am training on my own.  Having trained in the past with various trainers I greatly appreciate the attention to detail with Kim.  She is constantly monitoring my posture and form which helps me to avoid injury.  In the years I have trained with her she has never missed an appointment and is always happy to adjust training days to my travel schedule.”

Richard Fast

“I have worked with Kim for several years and really appreciate her professionalism, sensitivity and creativity.  She has helped me to formulate an exercise program geared to my personal fitness goals and physical limitations and has encouraged me to achieve more than I thought possible.  Many thanks, Kim.  You are the greatest!”

Carol Booth

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