Hi, I'm Peggy

I am an optimist at heart and enjoy being around people doing something positive for themselves. Exercise should be enjoyable, sometimes challenging and just plain FUN! Life is too short to do things you hate!


Experience & Credentials

I have been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1983, starting as a group fitness instructor specializing in aerobics, kickboxing, strength and senior fitness classes. I began personal training in 1998. My certifications include: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, ACE Health and Lifestyle Coach.

Client Base

I enjoy working with fit individuals looking for creative and challenging workouts, and anyone that wants to improve their stamina, strength, balance, and quality of life.

Things I Like To Do

I “run for fun” and enjoy participating in road and trail races. I also enjoy reading, jigsaw puzzles and listening to music.  My ideal vacation is solitude at the beach.

“Training Partners has created a unique environment for fitness that works for me. Peggy is a big part of that.  She continually challenges me and has shown me how to workout in an effective and safe manner.  This has helped me to significantly improve my overall fitness level. 

Whether focused on strength, flexibility, balance or stamina, she is supportive and encouraging – and I enjoy it.  Never thought I would say that about my workouts!”

Jackie Wellons

“I have worked out with Peggy for over 11 years – how time flies! Peggy is my motivator. She pushes me when I don’t feel like being pushed and I always feel better when we’re through. On top of this she is fun and extremely patient. 

She gave me a birthday card that said: ‘You are a human sparkler’…. this is a great description of Peggy.”

Hope Stress

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