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We are a small, friendly fitness facility in North Asheville specializing in personal training for active older adults. For 28 years we have helped our clients build strength, recover from injuries, and move better so they can live the lives they choose. Learn how we can help you feel better and increase your quality of life today.

Small Group Training

Certified personal trainers in small group settings. We ensure everyone feels welcome, cater to the needs and abilities of the group, and help you achieve success. Join friends or meet new people–all while getting stronger and healthier.

As long as you’re moving, that’s all that matters.


TP has an excellent Pilates program. Clients can work one-on-one or in a group setting. Pilates offers excellent health benefits and is a great addition to every fitness routine.

Nutritional Coaching

We will work together, enabling you to make informed decisions about your nutritional needs and create a balanced approach that nourishes your body and improves your health.

What we do

Our expertise is working with the 50+ population whether it’s one-on-one personal training sessions; Pilates or small group training. Together we will create an individualized wellness blueprint based on your goals and challenges. We will implement this plan and re-evaluate it on a regular basis; expect some detours and many successes all while having fun on the journey.

Our clientele has a variety of fitness goals. Some want to prepare for an active trip; some are coming from physical therapy; some just want to be stronger but they all want to continue to be active and healthy as they age. We will help you stay fit and strong so you can keep doing the things you love with the people in your life. After all, just because we age doesn’t mean we can’t still do the things we love.

Personal Training

Intro Package $250.00; Hour $70.00; Half Hour $45.00

Our specialty is the 50+ population. We have extensive experience in programming and working with this population. Some clients want individual attention while others just want an assessment so that move into our small group program.

Depending on your goals, the majority of our clients start with an Intro Package which includes an assessment to determine how your move, strengths and where your challenges are.

For those interested in small group sessions we will schedule an hour or half hour session to complete an assessment and ensure you are comfortable proceeding into group training.

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Small Group Training

$25/class (both in-person & virtual) • All participants must sign-up in advance.

SGT is a great in-between option for people wanting some specific and guided attention, but who also love working out in a group setting. Gather some friends and make your own group, or join an already existing one. We look forward to having you.



Intro Package $250.00; Hour $70.00; Half Hour $45.00

A safe system of mind-body exercise using a variety of equipment (reformer, chair, bands, etc.) that condition the body from head to toe with a no-to-low impact approach. Perfect for those with low-back issues; core weakness, etc.  Pilates is an excellent addition to all other exercise regimes.

Learn more about Pilates

Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition is a constantly evolving science and we will help you determine the truth based on the science and learn what is important for your well-being and what can be tossed aside. Ashleigh, our resident nutritionist, works with clients in person or virtually.

Nutritional Coaching FAQ

Hours of Operation:

We are open by appointment only Monday – Friday
We are closed Saturday and Sunday

“It’s important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle!”

“I like the way I look. I like the way I feel. I like my energy. I have wisdom, I have perspective and I can tell you that aging can be so incredible!”

“It's up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind."

–Steve Maraboli

“Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.”

“the worst that we can fear about a mature population is not that they are growing old, but that they have developed a mindset that is no longer young.”

We make fitness FUN & ENJOYABLE!

Entering a new gym or fitness center can be intimidating. We differentiate ourselves from other “gyms” because we don’t have hundreds of members to manage and take pride in being a small top-notch personal training studio. We have specialized in working with clients who are 50+ years of age and have done so for 28 years. We know EVERYONE that comes through our door by name and love working with them all. Our clients truly are our “why” we are here.


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Photo Gallery

We work with awesome people who have all kinds of reasons for wanting to be healthy. Our clients are our inspiration and motivation for getting up and going to work every day. Enjoy a section of our photo gallery and some of the various events we have done together over the past 28 years.

28 Years and 3000 Clients Strong


Training Partners is a unique work out facility. It is small, not intimidating, and a very friendly place to be. It is so nice to come to a place where people know who you are and care about your health and well-being. This, along with my personal trainer of course, has been key in my long-term commitment to training.


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