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Nutrition & Exercise progams

In 2012, we created our SmartFit programs that address both nutrition and exercise. They are offered at various times throughout the year and have been very popular. We are so excited to have so many people participating and establishing healthy eating habits and putting exercise into their daily routine. Our programs include Healthy Living, Metabolic Charge, Healthy Entrees (our 4 week cooking class series w/Be Well Asheville), our Farm to Gym program with Bee Branch Farms and other local and in-house events.

Metabolic Charge

Sometimes your metabolism just needs a boost to get over the next hurdle. “Charge” your metabolism and break through your fitness plateau with this 10 day exercise program. Work at your strongest for 10 straight days with the energy of a group in just 30 MINUTES EACH DAY. Workouts include kettlebells, strength training, cardio, TRX and more.  Read more…..

Healthy Living

Most people recognize the benefits of exercise and eating well. We all have good intentions and decide to make some changes. In fact, Americans have no problem initiating the process; we have done it numerous times. We tend to lose the same fat over and over again. Our struggle lies in the challenge of keeping the weight off. Most people who undertake an exercise and nutrition program have read more……

Healthy Entrees

We are thrilled to again be teaming up with Janet Oliver of Be Well Asheville to offer our 2nd healthy cooking series at UNCA.  Janet is the owner of Be Well Asheville and is passionate about healthy living and great tasting food. She can’t seem to get enough of trying new recipes and loves teaching people how to prepare delicious, healthy foods quickly. A prefect partnership for us!

“Healthy Entrees for the Time Challenged” is a

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