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The human body responds to exercise, no matter what its age. With regular exercise, people over the age of 50 years can experience a range of health benefits including:

Better Posture!

Increased Mobility!

More Flexibility & Endurance!

Get back the freedom to do what you want and live your best life!

Training Partners is a personal training studio that has been serving Asheville’s 50+ age market for 25+ years.

Despite what many people say, all bodies are not the same, especially as we “mature.” 

Because of this, we’ll work with you to create an individual and personalized wellness blueprint based on your goals and body challenges. We will implement this plan together, regularly re-evaluate, expect some detours and have fun with the journey.

Helping people feel better, move better and have more energy is our inspiration for getting up every morning and doing what we do. 

Choose from our one-on-one sessions with experienced personal trainers , small group trainings, or a class. We’ll help you stay fit and strong so you can keep doing the things you love!



Enjoy professional, 1-on-1 training with programs designed for your fitness level and medical issues. Check out our training staff. Train inside our studio (masks required), outside or virtually.


If 1-on-1 isn’t for you, we offer Small Group Training (SGT) and Large Group Classes (LGC). ALL SGT and LGC are in-studio or virtual and require advance registration.



Pilates teaches body awareness and good posture. It’s a great complement to any fitness routine. Schedule a 1-on-1 Pilates session, or reserve your spot in an all levels class.

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25+ Years and 1000+ Clients Strong

Training Partners is a unique work out facility. It is small, not intimidating, and a very friendly place to be. It is so nice to come to a place where people know who you are and care about your health and well-being. This, along with my personal trainer of course, has been key in my long-term commitment to training.

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We love to learn and share helpful information with our community. Read posts about health trends, fitness/exercise topics, physical therapy tips, nutritional inspiration and more!

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The glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in the body and are vital for both life and sport. This group of muscles consists of three major muscles: the glute maximum, glute medius, and glute minimus. They extend the hip (pulls the thigh behind you), abducts the...

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Rewards of Habitual Exercise for Seniors

We have all read about and know the importance of habitual exercise and healthy eating habits. Despite that as we age, sometimes we don’t make time for exercise in our daily routine and we slip into neglecting something very important for us. The benefits of a...

Returning to Exercise and Activity Following a Bout of COVID-19

Currently, 1 in every 15 people in the US has tested positive for COVID-19; and that number is rising daily. Chances are good that many of you reading this article are included in that group.  As you recover and begin to return to activity and exercise, it is...

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We hear a lot about meditation these days---for better health, for increased productivity, and for relieving stress and anxiety--and who couldn’t use less anxiety right now? Maybe you’ve tried to meditate and found that you just can’t concentrate or feel contemplative...

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