We all know we should exercise more, eat the right food, get more sleep but sometimes doing all of these things just isn’t possible, no matter how hard we try.  So, we are going to suggest 3 small things that you can do to stay healthy and fit – just take baby steps and add them in when you can.  They will add up in the end and you will be healthier and stronger.

Fitness Tip:  NEAT – We can give everything we have during our workouts together, but if the remainder of the day is composed of couch sitting and web-surfing, our day simply may not be as active as we need to support our weight loss goals.  Non-Exercise Activity ThermoGenesis is simply any physical activity outside of the fitness realm.  How will you increase yours this week?  Take the stairs, take the furthest parking spot, mow the lawn or wash your car?  When assessing how many calories you should consume, you could see just how big of a change swapping a few hours from very light to light can do to your recommendation. These simple tasks add up to major calorie burns!

Nutrition Tip:  Portion Control – It is easy to get mixed messages on just what a proper portion size is; marketing companies thrive on the idea of portion distortion.  Take a look at the attached jpeg to see just how much you should be eating –

Stress Management Tip:  Live in the moment.  We are constantly plagued with the thought of what is coming, what all we have to do that we lose sight of the here and now. What happens when the phone rings?  We answer and have to tune out our surroundings to ensure the person on the other end has our full attention. Give this same attention to your daily lives, make time for your kids, family, friends, and some fun – that’s the really important stuff; the rest… do a little at a time and let go of “the list of all you need to do!”  Besides, no one will remember how much you worked, but they will remember the time you took or didn’t take for them.

Have a happy, healthy and heartwarming month!