With each season comes yummy seasonal foods and spring is no exception. These five foods are in season right now offering the consumer (you) maximum flavor and nutritional density. They are also cheaper right now which makes them a great buy! Enjoy!

ASPARAGUS: Asparagus is extremely versatile and can be roasted, grilled, boiled or even sautéed. It works in a breakfast quiche, can be used in a lunchtime salad, or served as a side with salmon, steak, or chicken. Asparagus can be paired with lemon, almonds, parmesan and garlic and is a great source of vitamin K and folate.

LEAFY GREENS: Spring always brings us the leafy greens like spinach, kale, collard greens, swiss chard, arugula, romaine and other lettuces. Regardless of your preference, all greens are considered healthy additions to a balanced diet. Green can be paired with citrus, nuts and seeds and lemon juice or vinegar can help to reduce their bitterness.  They also have some of the highest concentrations of vitamins—especially A, C, and K—as well as minerals like calcium, folic acid and iron.

RADISHES: Radishes has a great crispy crunch and many of them have a mild pepper flavor. While most people consume raw radishes, you can give them a quick pickle to turn up the flavor in tacos, or even roast them to bring out a caramelized sweetness. Radishes can be paired with thyme, leeks, butter and fish. They are also loaded with both fiber and vitamin C.

RHURBARB: The delightful mix of sweet and sour make rhubarb a great seasonal food with which to experiment. While the most common way to use rhurbarb is to bake it into a sweet dessert, you can also pickle it for use in fresh salads. Rhurbarb can be paired with strawberries, basil, honey and balsamic vinegar. It is also a good source of vitamins K and C, and the mineral calcium.

PEAS: Peas have a juicy and sweet pop of flavor and they can be added into a quick pasta or even as part of slow-cooked risotto and pea soup in the winter is delicious. A 100-calorie serving has more protein than a hard-boiled egg or a tablespoon of peanut butter. They are a good source of both vitamin C and vitamin K. Pair them with mint, chives, tarragon and mushrooms