Med. Ball exercises are easy to do and you can do them practically anywhere. All you need is a medicine ball and some open space to move in. Below are some basic exercises that work all the major muscle groups and can either be regressed or progressed. As with any exercise in our newsletter, please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

Lunge With Overhead Press (works all low body muscles, core, shoulders and stability)
Stand with the feet together, holding a lightweight medicine ball in front of the chest in both hands. Lift the right foot off the floor, bending the knee, and hold this position for one count before stepping forward into a lunge. With the body weight shifting to the right leg, reach the medicine ball straight overhead. While still in the lunge, pull the ball back to the chest, and bring the front leg back to the starting position and repeat. (Regression: eliminate the lunge just stand and press the ball overhead or perform the lunge holding a light ball instead. Advanced move: lunge forward, press the ball overhead and catch then jump and switch feet. Step back to start and repeat with other foot forward.)

Lunge With Twist (works low all low body muscles, shoulders, core and stability)
Stand hip width apart with shoulders relaxed and core engaged. Holding a medicine ball a few inches in front of the chest, step forward into a lunge with the right leg. With extended arms, reach the medicine ball to the right, rotating the torso at the same time. Maintain the lunge and return to center. Come to standing, then lunge with the other leg (and rotate to the left this time). You can also perform these rotations from a stationary position, or travelling forward – as in walking lunges. Some body checks – shoulders down, core engaged, long spine (no anterior pelvis tilt). (Regression: perform the lunge without the medicine ball or use a weightless ball.)

Squat Press and Toss (works low body, shoulders, core and hand-eye coordination)
Heels grounded, come to a squat position (as if sitting in an invisible chair). Drive through the heels to standing and toss the ball straight up in the air. Catch the ball and repeat. (Regression: perform the squat with no ball just squat and raise the hands over head. Control your return to the chair.)

Single-Leg Hip Bridge (glutes, hamstrings, core)
Lie on your back and place the sole of the right foot onto the floor. Hold the medicine ball in both hands directly over the shoulders. Thrust the hips to the sky with the left leg straight in the air, with all your weight supported by the right foot and the shoulders. Hold for one count, and then slowly return to the start position and repeat. (Regression: Eliminate the medicine ball and keep both feet on the floor and place hands by your side. Lift both hips and then lower. Advanced move would be to perform the exercise with the right foot on the med. Ball, both hands on the floor beside you and lift the left leg.)

Squat Jump (all low body muscles, hand-eye coordination, balance and power)
Hold a medicine ball to the heart, and never let go. Drop into a squat and then jump straight up holding onto the medicine ball throughout the jump. Return to start position with focus on landing softly, keeping knees in alignment and weight evenly distributed in the feet. (Regression: Don’t do the jump.)

Lying Chest Toss (core, chest, back)
Since two balls are better than one, this move enlists a pair. Lie face up on a stability ball with the head and shoulder blades resting on the ball’s center, and knees bent at a 90-degree angle (the torso should be parallel to the floor). Keeping the neck in a neutral position (not straining forward or hanging back), hold a medicine ball with both hands just above the chest, with the elbows bent and pointed out to the sides. Push the ball out, in line with the chest, (like a classic chest pass) and toss it straight up toward the ceiling. Be careful not to toss the ball too hard – remember: what goes up must come down. (Progression: stand up and toss against the Synergy rebounder or wall. Regression: lie on the floor and toss.)

Ax Chop – (shoulders, core, T-spine, hips, glutes, – you’re working it all)
Stand with feet hip width apart and medicine ball over your head. Perform a squat bringing the ball down and to the outside of one hip. Return to standing taking the ball back overhead. A few body checks to consider: keep a tall spine, practice a controlled rotation as you lower and raise the ball, weight should be evenly distributed between the ball of your feet and heels. (Regression: sit on flat bench and chop or eliminate the squat when standing. Advanced Move: start on right leg, squat to the left lowering left foot and bringing medicine ball down to the left hip. Return to standing on right leg with medicine ball overhead.)