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Here is a simple little exercise that can give you a big bang for your time and effort.

You can use a Thera-band, rubber band or rubber tubing to perform this exercise that will focus on scapular retraction (think down and back). Begin by grasping a piece of tubing between both hands with your arms raised forward at shoulder height. Pull both hands apart (one arm going up and the other down – see photo). Then return to the starting position and pull one arm down and the other up in a diagonal pattern. Return to the starting position and repeat alternating sides. Make sure to keep your shoulders down and back, tighten your core and do not let your ribs pop forward.

This exercise pattern focuses on scapular retraction, upward rotations and will help develop posterior strength, endurance and improve functional posterior patterns. After all, many of our daily activities, sports and workouts there is a shared connection of an arm lowering movement and an upward arm movement.

Kelly exercise

For a muscle diagram see below:

posterior chain box










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