These 6 bottles survived all the tests and won – they won’t slip, drip, or fail to keep their cool.

  • Easy Cleaning – Alex, 32oz. (  This bottle splits in half making it very easy to clean
  • Water Purists – Bobble, 34Oz. ( This bottle filters tap water; pretty pure water!
  • Cross-trainers – MultiDrink, 20oz. ( Drink from a straw or screw-top spout.
  • The eco-conscious – Modern Glass Bottle, 18 oz. ( Made of study, chemical-free glass encased in silicone.
  • Hot-weather workouts – Insulated Sport Bottle, 24oz. ( Water stays cool even in the hottest temperatures.
  • Sipping Sports Drinks – Purist, 26 oz. ( Doesn’t trap flavors, odors and leaves no aftertaste.

Resource: Prevention 6/11