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We all feel stressed and tense at times.  These simple exercises can help provide physical and mental relief and allow you to focus on your breath. Breath with movement can allow            re-centering and restoration of energy.


Begin lying face down on the floor with arms folded, head resting on hands and legs hip width apart. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathing in and out slowly for 8-10 counts. Lying in this position allows you to breathe more deeply from your belly which helps soothe the tension in your body.

Modified Waterfall

Modified waterfall – lie on the floor in front of a chair, sofa or even a stability ball with your knees bent so your calves rest on the seat.  Place arms down by your sides, close your eyes and breathe evenly for 8-10 counts.  This is one of my favorites; it’s like all your troubles melt right into the floor.

Cat Cow

Start on hands and knees.  Knees will be right under you hips and wrists under your shoulders. Breathe in (inhale)  while lowering your spine and lifting tailbone, chin and chest. Breathe out (exhale) as you round your spine up, tucking tailbone and chin. Repeat 8-10 times.

Forward Fold

Stand with feet hip width apart, arms at sides.  Breathe in and hinge forward from the hips, reaching hands toward the floor or grasp opposite elbows. Hold and inhale for four counts; breathe out (exhale) for 6. If you have tight hamstrings you can also hinge forward placing elbows on chair.  Another option is to stand on something that will slightly elevate your heels.