I own a business in a city I grew up in and just love. I work with remarkable people; help clients become healthier so they can go forth – travel, play with their kids/grand kids and make the world a better place. Every day they prove that getting older doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish and do some amazing things. They inspire and motivate me. It’s a great job – how cool is that?

I BELIEVE our bodies are meant to move and the more we move the healthier & happier we are.

I grew up playing sports (basketball, volleyball and softball) so I understand athletes and enjoy working with them; especially middle and high school athletes. I have however, also come to appreciate how important it is to stay active and strong as we age. I love helping my clients do the same so that they can live the life they want. Afterall, as one of them told me a long time ago “age is really just a number.”  How fun they are; they keep me on my toes!


To build a community that helps people establish good health with support, based on reliable science and grounded in good will and fun.

things i like to do

I have always suffered from wanderlust – whether thru books or trips. I want to spend a lot of time in Africa, New Zealand as well as visit every island on the planet – how awesome would it be to see, experience and be forever touched by all of that? “Have bag and will travel anytime!”

That being said… I LOVE our mountains. I am a “local yocal” as we say and cannot think of a better place to live and build a business. I enjoy spending time with friends and family; like to read; hike; cycle; coach; play and watch sports (any and all kinds except bowling, which I question as being an actual sport).


Owner of Training Partners for 24 years. Certified as NASM personal trainer, TRX L3 trainer, FMS L2; Gray Institute 3D Maps, and certified kickboxing instructor. Involved in amateur athletics and the fitness industry for 27+ years, taught STEP and aerobic classes for 15+ years and have been a certified personal trainer for 20+ years. Attended Mars Hill College, studied sports medicine at UNCA 1995-1997.  I have coached MS girls  basketball coach for 20+ years and prior to owning our studio worked in recreation and health management for 20+ years. Red Cross CPR and AED certified.

““When I first started working with Charlene I had been dealing with back problems and had given up hope of being active and fit again. With Charlene’s expertise and encouragement I have improved my strength, energy and balance and am feeling great. Charlene and Training Partners creates an atmosphere of health and fun which allows me to safely challenge myself and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.”

- Michelle LeBlanc

“I’ve been training with Charlene since 1997! And thank goodness! I’ve crossed one milestone birthday and am about to cross another. Charlene has been a terrific help in addressing those little things that crop up with aging, such as hip imbalance and back issues. I love the flexibility Training Partners allows in working out with and without a trainer. Charlene is great at telling me what I need to be working on when I’m working out on my own. I know I’m in far better shape than I would be if I didn’t go to Training Partners and have Charlene as a trainer.”

– Marla A.

“Don’t get too comfy!” seems to be Charlene’s motto. She motivates me to do more than I ever thought possible. Charlene and Training Partners are synonymous; she knows the best exercises and advice for my health and specific needs. Her expertise, focus and encouragement challenge me to a healthy lifestyle. I know that Training Partners has made a difference in my life!

– Jan T.

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