A south of the border supper that is ready in a flash and the perfect light summer dinner or lunch. Can use tostadas or soft tacos and serve with black beans.


  • 2 tsp. canola oil
  • 1 tsp. ground cumin
  • 1/4 tsp. kosher salt
  • 1/4 tsp. black pepper
  • 12 ounces chicken breast tenders
  • 1 cup chopped red onion (about 1 onion)
  • 1 cup fresh corn kernels (about 2 ears)
  • 1 cup chopped zucchini
  • 1/2 cup salsa verde
  • 3 tbl. chopped fresh cilantro, divided
  • 4 (8-inch) fat-free flour tortillas
  • Cooking spray
  • 3 ounces Monterey Jack cheese, shredded (about 3/4 cup)


  1. Preheat broiler. Combine first 3 ingredients, stirring well.
  2. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.  Sprinkle the spice mixture evenly over chicken.  Add chicken to pan; saute for 3 minutes.
  3. Add onion, corn, and zucchini to pan; saute for 2 minutes or until chicken is done.
  4. Stir in salsa and 2 tbs. cilantro. Cook 2 minutes or until liquid almost evaporates, stirring frequently.
  5. Working with 2 tortillas at a time, arrange tortillas in a single layer on a baking sheet; lightly coat tortillas with cooking spray. If using taco shells go to Step #7.
  6. Broil 3 minutes or until lightly browned.
  7. Spoon about 3/4 cup chicken mixture in the center of each tortilla; sprinkle each serving with 1/4 cup cheese.
  8. Broil and additional 2 minutes or until cheese melts.
  9. Repeat procedure with remaining tortillas, chicken mixture and cheese.  Sprinkle each serving with about 3/4 tsp. of remaining cilantro.
  10. Serve immediately.

Note: This recipe originally ran in Cooking Light 8/2006 and was updated for the 11/2012 – 25th anniversary issue.

Melanie Bernard, Cooking Light 2012.