I know you all have read articles, heard news blurbs and listened to all of us stress the important of having a strong core.  But we wanted to remind you how important working on this area is.  Most people don’t realize that without a strong core your risk of injury increases, movement patterns are altered, posture is affected and alignment becomes wonky (not a professional term but a mental image did just pop into your head.)  

core-muscles-stabilitySo, a quick refresher – your core encompasses much more than just your abdominals. “There are actually 29 pairs of muscles involved in your core musculature that support the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex in order. They stabilize the spine, pelvis and support movement.”  Your core also includes your hips, low back and glutes.

Click on the link and view some of our choices for the best core exercises. They don’t focus just on the front side of your body but incorporate exercises that work your core as a “whole” – front, back, and side.  We have listed some basic exercises with progressions. Proper mechanics are crucial, not only to prevent injury, but to insure you’re using the proper muscles. 

Word of caution – everyone has their own limitations and all exercises and progressions mentioned ARE NOT appropriate for everyone.  If you experience any pain in the low back with any movement, stop the exercise immediately.  If you have any questions regarding which exercises/progressions would be appropriate for you PLEASE ask us first before attempting it or check with your physician. We are here to help you stay healthy with safe and smart exercises.

Download a PDF of BASIC CORE EXERCISES here.

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