It’s that time of year, where we all resolve to eliminate unhealthy things in our lives. We vow to avoid desserts, to stop eating fast food, using curse words, work less, exercise more, etc. Most of the time though – this doesn’t seem to stick – does it? Too often our “Don’t Do List” is bigger than our “To Do List.”

We therefore, chose to propose a different plan for 2016. Our big request is that for whatever you choose: Enjoy and Have Fun doing it.  As Peggy says “life is too short to do stuff that isn’t fun and you don’t enjoy.” I agree, which is why you will never see me on the rower – UGH! We all have to do things we sometimes don’t like but most of the time we can control this and keep these times to a minimum. It is our belief the secret to good health lies in adding positive things to your life. It will give you energy, strength, stamina and can eliminate many unhealthy behaviors.

This is why, for the New Year, we are asking you to enjoy everything you do. Any form of exercise you hate, you shouldn’t be doing. Find a way to get a complete fitness experience by seeking out a mode of physical activity that makes your heart sing. I know, I can’t believe I just said that either, but I’m serious! It’s when the awesome things become appealing that the road to health becomes less challenging.

“Hating movement—just like hating healthy food—is always a learned response. Our bodies are not wired to naturally dislike that which sustains health, life and vitality.” If you hate one type of healthy food, find another healthy food you might enjoy. There are simply too many healthy food options available to hate them all. This is worth repeating: “Hating health is a learned response.” Now that we’ve warmed up your “enjoyment muscles,” let’s explore some other ways to add enjoyment and fun into your life this year.

Get moving in an enjoyable way. It can be working out or not. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you are moving your body while enjoying yourself. An example: every Friday I walk with one of my best friends. It was something we started doing about two years ago and have stuck with it. It’s not always easy – we both are busy women – own our own businesses, have our own family responsibilities to take care of, and other “life stuff” to handle but it’s something I look forward to and enjoy taking time out for each week. Another example: make a game out of a daily activity. See how many steps or flights of stairs you can take in a day. Every holiday I challenge my family members for 10,000 steps on Thanksgiving and Xmas day – thereby making us feel like we at least earned a portion of our holiday meal. So, look for more reasons to move outside of your workouts. What is a way you can move in an enjoyable & fun way each week?

Create a healthy meal each week and replace it with one that might not have been so healthy. You will develop strength for making future great choices by making a single great choice that day.

Look for opportunities. We often focus on all the obstacles to moving and exercising more. Instead of focusing on the why not’s – look for the “let’s do this.” Park further away, take a quick walk up the street, take an afternoon off and spend with family or friends moving or simply take a 5 minute walk for every 30 minutes you sit at your desk. Find the opportunities and focus on what you can do, not what or why you can’t.

Whatever you do – ENJOY it and have fun and in and you will be awe-inspiring in 2016!