#June Workout of the Month – TRX/Agility

TRX/Agility Workout

TRX: Basics to remember before starting the workout.  Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds; 2 rounds w/agility in between each TRX round.

  1. Wide stance w/feet hip width apart or greater is going to be the easiest; narrow stance is going to be more difficult.
  2. To make ithe exercise easier you and stay in the wider stance or walk your feet up or back bassed on the exercise you are performing.
  3. In all exercises brace your core by engaging the abdominals; no arching thru the low back; shoulders should stay down and back.


  • Squat to Single Leg Squat – (facing anchor/mid-length) – Start w/elbows under the shoulders; slight bend in the arms; palms facing each other.  Drop tailbone towards floor; sit back and down keeping chest lifted; weight evenly distributed between the balls of the feet and your heels.  When progressing to the Single Length the leg you are working will be in line with the anchor and extend opposite leg in front. Make sure to sit back in the working leg; watch bending too far forward at the waist.  Keep chest lifted.
  • Low Row – (facing anchor/mid-length) – From the Squat position walk your feet forward.  Maintain a plank position leaning back with arms straight and keeping palms facing down. Squeeze shoulder blades together, keeping elbows pulled into sides and move body up towards anchor point. Return to start position maintaining body alignment.
  • Chest Press – (facing away from anchor; long length) – Extend srms out in front at shoulder level and keep weight on balls of feet.  Lower chest towards ground and bend elbows to 90 degrees.  Press back up; keeping abs engaged w/proper body alignment.
  • Mid-Row – (facing anchor; mid-length) – Squeeze shoulder blades together keeping elbows at 45 degrees from sides and move body up towards anchor point.  Return to start position; keeping core engage and body aligned.
  • Bicep Curl – (facing anchor; mid-length) – Same starting position as with low row but with palms turned up.  Curl and pull hands towards temples keeping elbows high and aligned with shoulders throughout the movement. Return to starting position keeping body properly aligned.
  • Tricep Press – (facing away anchor; mid-length) – Extend arms at shoulder level with palms facing down.  Bear weight on handles, bend elbows and bring head towards handles, maintaining body alignment and elbows at shoulder height. Return to starting position, keeping shoulders down, chest lifted,  abs engaged and tension on handles.
  • Balance Lunge or Split Squat – (facing anchor; mid-length) – Keep elbows under shoulders and palms facing each other.  Center leg you are working to the middle of the anchor.  Can start with the back foot in the back or in alignment with the front leg stepping back.  If stepping back move other leg back into a lunge and drop the back knee straight down.  The beginner move is to have the back foot touch down; intermediate – light touch down; advanced move – no touch down.  Drive up thru the front heel, returning back leg up to full stance.
  • “Y” Deltoid Flye – (facing anchor; mid-length) – Start standing to measure appropriate stance and range of motion. Once you have your end position determined, pull TRX back, keeping arms slightly away from sides and palms facing forward.  Slowly lower body down to start position, maintaining soft elbow angle throughout movement.  Pull through, moving body up toward anchor and keep core engaged, shoulders down; eyes on anchor. Keep arms straight throughout the movement maintaining tension on TRX throughout the movement.

Agility Ladder