We are THRILLED to be partnering with our friends at Bee Branch Farms again this year allowing us to bring you fresh vegetables each week. This was very popular last year so we decided a repeat performance was a “definite must” for 2014.  We will be starting in June this year and Terri, owner of Bee Branch, has tilled the garden plots, started seeds and is trying out new recipes to share with all of you.

All veggies will be ordered on Monday (based on which option you chooses below) and they will be delivered to TP on Wednesday afternoons June – October.  You can pick up your orders between 3-7pm every Wed. In an attempt to make things a little more simple for everyone we have organized it into two different ways.

  1. A la “Veggie” Carte – place a specific order each week based on veggie availability. Like last year, I will send out the list of veggies available that week every Monday morning.  You can then place your order with me by Tues. morning and pick-up your veggies on Wed. afternoon at Training Partners, usually around 4pm.
  2. Weekly Veggie Bounty – choose a value ($15 – $20) and they will bring a variety of fresh veggies each week (in a bag for easy pick-up).  This will be an automatic option.  Each week you will receive your veggie bounty for your preselected value ($15 – $20).  There will be no need to give me your order each Monday unless you don’t need veggies that week because of vacation, illness, etc.  If you decide you don’t need veggies for a certain week you will need to communicate that to us on Monday prior to your Wed. delivery.  If you find you need more or less veggies, you may switch between the $15 and $20 value.

We hope to have another successful year so make sure to sign-up as soon as possible since the number of deliveries we can handle is limited. If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask Charlene.