I decided it would be fun to quiz my co-workers on a few holiday questions.  Below are the responses to this one.

Peggy – “joy, as long as one person’s joy is not painful to someone else or…. extermination of 75% of the human race so that the planet and innocent creatures might survive.

David – “whirled peas! Just kidding! I would give the world the ability to love unconditionally.”

Michael – “tolerance.”

Kim – “acceptance of those who are different. Just live and let live.”

Kelly – “access to basic needs, clean water/food/shelter.”

and my answer, actually I have two and just couldn’t decide between them – the first, a passport and unlimited air pass.  Traveling allows us to understand different people/cultures and ourselves; a necessity in today’s world.  The other one, belly laughs, the really good ones that make you cry you’re laughing so hard.