Do what you love! I encourage people to find an activity that you enjoy; yoga has been that for me.  I have maintained a consistent yoga practice for ore than 20 years and I continue to find new ways to explore this beautiful tradition. I love sharing and teaching yoga and believe that yoga is a practice that can benefit anyone no matter what age or level or physical ability. One does not need to have a flexible body to enjoy the calming benefits of yoga.

I enjoy teaching beginners and people new to yoga as well as those with injuries or physical limitations.

My I teach a variety of yoga classes combining methods from Viniyoga, Iyengar, and vinyasa yoga. I work with individuals using therapeutic yoga to address specific needs. All group classes cover basic techniques, alignment in postures as well as focus on breathing and relaxation.


To create an environment where a client can discover and nourish enthusiasm for movement as well as appreciate and be curious about the unique abilities their own body possesses.

things i like to do

Off the yoga mat I enjoy walking and hiking with my husband and my 11 pound poodle, Dinky. I also enjoy meditation, music, camping, drawing, and cooking. I love Asheville and the people who live here.


I currently teach group yoga classes in various locations throughout the Asheville area. I also offer Therapeutic Yoga for individuals.  Before moving from New Orleans (1 week before Katrina), I taught classes at Wild Lotus Yoga.  I have been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching since 1998. I complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Living Yoga in Austin, Texas. I am a certified Yoga Therapist through Subtle Yoga (eRYT500). I also have a BS in Medical Technology and worked in the medical laboratory field for 25 years.

“Even though she may be teaching a large group, Jacci is sure to check in with individuals and is always careful to offer different options that are appropriate for her audience. She is a very intelligent, skilled and sensitive instructor whose classes are truly wonderful.”

- Marlene J.

“Jacci has been my best yoga teacher ever! My physician wanted me to take yoga and learn to relax. I am trying and Jacci helps! She is knowledgeable, understanding of our limits, and at the same time makes class enjoyable. I look forward to her classes every Monday.”
– Dottie S.

“It’s always a pleasure to start our week with Jacci’s yoga class.  She manages to address each bone and muscle in our bodies even though there are several of us in her class.  She watches each of us and makes certain that we are in the proper position/pose. She’s very knowledgeable about anatomy and explains what the poses are for. I, personally, always feel enriched both in my body and mind the the class end.  Jacci is a treasure!”
– Dottie S.

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