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This month’s workout includes four different types of movement:  PUSH, PULL, STABILIZE AND MOVE.  Following is the written workout as well as the link to the video.

Each exercise includes a basic move as well as an advanced version.  Depending on your current exercise level you can use either the basic or advanced move; even mixing them up based on your comfort level with the chosen exercise.

Some exercises involve using your body weight and others include resistance. When using your body weight – start with low reps (maybe 5 – 10) and build up to 20 – 25. Consider increasing difficulty if you can do 25 reps.  When using resistance – begin with a resistance that allows you to complete 15 – 20 reps with good form.  Progress towards more resistance and 10 – 15 reps IF you don’t have joint issues.

Basic:  Modified push- up using the bench/wall or from knees on the floor. Make sure your back is straight and abdominals are engaged. Shoulders are down w/shoulder blades anchored.
Adv.:    Regular push-up on the toes.  Hands shoulder width apart; body in nice plank position.

Basic:  2 feet on floor – stand facing away from anchor which is in the mid-height position. Grab the handle from the outside; engage the abdominals, draw shoulders down and back – push weight or tube straight out away from the body.
Adv.:  Balance on 1 foot – pushing action is the same as above. Slight bend in the knee on standing leg, abs engaged. Variation: 45 degree angle up.

Basic:  2 feet on floor – stand facing cable with anchor point mid-height. Arm extended; shoulders down, abs engaged and pull arms straight back.
Adv. Balance on 1 foot – arm action same as basic move. Variation: With torso rotation.

Basic:  Thoracic extension on ball – chest on ball w/feet against the wall taking the lower part of the back out of the movement. You will be looking down to the floor with the head in alignment with the spine.
Adv.:  Thoracic extension on ball with “Y” pull – same positioning of the body – arms above the head with tube in hand and lift the arms up and out into a “Y” position.

Basic:  2 feet on floor – feet on the floor; knees up – lift the hips up so they are in alignment with shoulders and knees. Arms can start on the floor down beside the body or cross them on top of the body at the chest as you get more comfortable.
Adv.:  1 foot on floor with other leg extended up into the air. Lift hips, keeping hips level and controlling them as you raise and lower your hips.

Basic:  2 feet on floor – start with ball above the shoulder on the right side; bring the ball down and across the front of the body to the outside of the left hip. Turn the opposite shoulder to the front as you bring the ball down and across the body.  Your vision can be straight ahead or following the ball which is a little more advance.
Adv.: 1 foot on floor. Movement is the same as in the basic wood-chop move. If ball is on the right you will be standing on the left leg bringing the ball across the body and down to the left.

Basic: Stepping – you will be stepping in 3 different planes of motion (sagittal, frontal, transverse). Step to the front and back to the center, to the side and back to the center, and then back (45⁰) with standing leg knee facing front in alignment with the toes and then step back to the center.  Add twist on 2nd round thru.
Adv.:  Lunging – same motions as in the basic move but using a lunge instead of a step. When lunging, weight stays in the whole foot and not in the toes. Add twist on 2nd round thru.

Basic:  Limited range of motion – step a little bit wider than hip width apart and do mini squat. Sitting back w/weight even in the feet and then bring trailing leg in as you continue the move across the floor.
Adv.: Full range of motion with wider squat and going deeper into the squat. Variation: Circles with arms, with or without weight.

To watch video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRhJicxOyPk

To print out workout: January Workout of the Month