Kettlebell training has been around forever and is safe and efficient if done properly. With its handle positioning and offset center of gravity, the versatile kettlebell provides a unique workout experience. While each of the following exercises targets the core, participants will enjoy additional benefits, such as improvements in flexibility, balance, mobility and stability. Instead of isolating the core, these are multi-joint moves offering a functional approach.

Following are some of the basic moves for those new to Kettlebell training.  Be patient, it takes a while to acclimate to the kettlebells so go ahead and safely use the new equipment and add some variety to your workout.  You can also sign up for our Kettlebell class if you want to learn the basics in a group setting or schedule an appointment with one of us if you would prefer a one-on-one coaching session.

This move is great as a warm-up or as active recovery between higher-intensity exercises. Slingshot-to-hold requires core stabilization while rotating the kettlebell around the body. A change in direction adds to the challenge. This move also requires hand-to-hand coordination, so make sure participants have enough space and are prepared to react swiftly if the kettlebell drops. Quick feet are happy feet.

  • Stand with arms loose and core tight.
  • Keep back straight and move kettlebell around body, passing handle from one hand to the other.
  • Switch directions after 10 rotations.
  • To add “hold” portion, lift kettlebell as it crosses front of body, receiving it in palm of free hand at opposite shoulder; alternate directions. Use power from legs for extra push if needed.

Once you’re comfortable passing hand to hand, progress with care to figure eight.

Figure Eight

  • Begin in hold position with handle in right (R) hand and round bottom of kettlebell in left (L) palm in front of L shoulder. Maintain flat back, and hinge at hips.
  • Bend knees slightly and begin passing kettlebell through legs, maintaining core integrity.
  • Switch hands at bottom and bring kettlebell around outside of knee, to opposite hold position. Extend knees and hips in unison.
  • Continue figure-eight pattern, switching hands at bottom of movement, not at top.
  • Repeat 10x–20x.