Keeping in theme with the March newsletter focus, shoulders and nutrition, we decided to give you a little exercise for your shoulders and back. The only equipment you will need is a set of tubes or a cable unit. We consider this to be an intermediate exercise so if you have questions or are a beginner please get with one of us before attempting this exercise so that we can walk you thru it and answer any questions.


Targets: Back, Shoulders
Need: tubes or cables

1. To begin set the tubes or cable slightly above your head when kneeing. Kneel in the center of the cables or tubes on a mat, blanket or the AirEx (blue foam pad) and hold resistance cable or band handles in each hand. Your hands will be crossed with your arms straight in front of your body, at or just above shoulder height. Your elbows will remain straight throughout the exercise. Grip the handles with the thumbs wrapped around the handles and palms facing each other. Anchor your shoulders pulling your shoulder blades down and back. Brace your abdominal/core muscles to stabilize your spine. Do not allow your low back to arch or your ribs to pop. Maintain this body position during the exercise.

2. Exhale and slowly pull your arms in a wide arc back and down to the level of your hips. As you move thru the pull slowly rotate your arms so that your palms face up. Return to the initial position (where your right hand is directly in front of the left shoulder and your left hand in front of the right shoulder) with a controlled movement and begin again. do not allow your low back to arch or your hips to pop. Maintain control of your center.

3. Inhale and slowly return your arms back to the start position keeping your elbows straight and torso vertical.

Try performing this exercise alongside a mirror to monitor any change in your back or shoulder position.

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