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While there can be several causes of lateral (side) hip pain, gluteal tendinopathy is thought to be one of the primary causes. It is often referred to as Greater Trochanter Pain Syndrome (GTPS) and has historically been diagnosed as hip bursitis. However, recent research has shown that non-inflammatory tendinopathy of the gluteus medius and/or gluteus minimus muscles to actually be the main source of lateral hip pain, not bursitis. GTPS is the most common tendinopathy in the leg and tends to occur more in women than men by 4:1, especially over age 40.

GTPS often affects inactive people but can also be a problem in exercisers and athletes when load, distance and/or repetitions have been increased by too much, too quickly.

Gluteal Tendinopathy presents as moderate to severe pain over outside of the hip, with marked tenderness to touch over this area as well. Pain can travel down the outside of the thigh and to the groin. Pain is typically felt with:

  • lying on either side but worse with the painful side down
  • walking – especially uphill or running
  • standing on one leg
  • climbing stairs
  • prolonged sitting and the first few steps upon rising from sitting
  • first few steps in the morning

To learn more about the causes, anatomy and tips to lessen the pain Hip pain for TP.


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