As many of you know we decided last month to start creating a member workout for every month.  These workouts will focus on all aspects of fitness as well as include a beginner and advanced version so EVERYONE can participate.  NO EXCUSES!  They will also provide some variety from your regular routine, as well as an opportunity to learn new exercises. 

Since many of you are participating in “TP’s GREAT MIGRATION” we decided to add a video element into the workout of the month along with the written directions.  Know that we are always here to help you with any and all exercises but sometimes when we are working with clients it’s challenging to give you a full explanation as well as safety and correct form cues.   Hence, the video; to serve as an additional tool so that you can view the exercise, make notes and jot down any questions you might have for us.

Below is the written version as well as the link to the videos.  When watching – be kind – remember our strength lies in training not video producers.  They will get better though as we progress.  As usual we appreciate your thoughts, suggestions and comments.  Enjoy!

Warm Up:

5-10 min on cardio machine of your choice; easy comfortable pace

Agility ladder: Basic IN – IN – OUT – OUT pattern: Repeat 2-4x alternating lead ft.

#1 – Balance: Single-leg Touchdown: Perform 10 each leg in Basic and Adv.

Basic: Reach for the cone sitting back in the heel.

Advanced: Reach for the floor.

#2 – Legs: Side Lying Leg Series

Top leg forward and back, up and down, small circles. Can bend knee to shorten lever of leg

#3 – Core: Double Leg Stretch

Supine on mat, head and shoulders curled up (optional), legs in table top (optional), arms reaching down by hips. Inhale stretch arms up to ceiling and legs straight out around 45 deg. (optional), keep body still and pelvis neutral, exhale return

#4 – Push: Stability Ball Chest Push-up:

Basic: Standing – ball against wall/hands on ball

Advanced: Plank with legs on ball, hands on floor

Pull:  Cable Lat Pull: Split stance or sitting on stability ball (Note: No video for this exercise)

#5 – Balance: Step Up w/ Single Leg Balance:

Basic: Step up on STEP (1 block underneath)

Advanced: Step up on coreboard/BOSU

#6 – Legs: Ball Wall Squat

Put stability ball on the wall and your back against the ball.

Basic: Squat until knees are slightly above hips. Sit back in heels; knees straight.

Advanced: Overhead press as you return to standing

#7 – Core: Criss-Cross

Basic: Supine on floor, knees bent feet on floor, raise one leg up to table top and reach opp. arm past thigh – curling up is optional.

Advanced: Supine on floor, legs in table top, hands behind head, head shoulders curled up. Rotate shoulder to op. knee while other leg extends

#8 – Push: Tricep Dumbbell Press: Supine on the bench with weight in each hand and press dumbbells up towards the ceiling.

#9 – Pull: Drawing the Sword w/ tube:

Basic: standing on the floor

Advanced: standing on coreboard or BOSU

Repeat starting with the first Balance (SL Touchdown) exercise