At the beginning of each year, people set fitness and health goals with the best of intentions – get stronger, thinner, train for a race, get better in some way at something. The reality is, by the time the calendar gets flipped to February, the majority of these goals have fallen by the wayside. Sound familiar? If so, we’re here to tell you it’s not the goal that’s important, it’s your method of accomplishing the goal. If you ensure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. from the get-go, you’ll be well on your way to realizing them.

stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

S = Specific: Do you know exactly what you want to accomplish with all the details? Goals must be well defined. They must be clear and unambiguous.

M = Measurable: Can you quantify your progress so you can track it? How will you know when you reach your goal? Define specific criteria for measuring progress toward the accomplishment of each goal you set so that you can measure and keep track of your progress.

A = Attainable: Is your goal a challenge but still possible to achieve? Goals must achievable. The best goals require you to stretch a bit to achieve them, but they are not impossible to achieve.

R = Realistic: Is your goal realistic and within your reach? Are you willing to commit to your goal? Almost certainly your goal is realistic if you truly believe your lifestyle and commitment will allow you to reach your goal.  Expecting to lose 30lbs. in 3 weeks isn’t realistic or attainable without extreme measures being taken.

T = Timely: Does your goal have a deadline? Goals must have a clearly defined time frame including a starting date and a target date. If you don’t have a time limit, then there is no urgency to start taking action towards achieving your goals.

Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds, run a race, rehab an injury or bench your own bodyweight, this is the year your goal will become reality as long as you set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Below are some common fitness goals and the ways we can help you reach them.

Get Stronger

Is everyone else around you getting just a bit faster and stronger? Or are you just heading in the other direction? We can help you create and implement a program that will increase your strength and stamina so you can keep up with the grandkids, lift more weight or complete your chosen activity.

Improve Metabolic Conditioning

Are you looking to put your metabolism into overdrive? Do you want a workout that will give you more energy, burn more calories and turn you into a lean, mean machine – even if you only have half an hour?  Our new small group training programs offer flexibility and a balanced approach to fitness even in 30 minutes.

Increase Flexibility and Balance

Has it been awhile since you could touch your toes? Do you want to be limber like a dancer and steady like a gymnast? Or do you just want to feel more balanced in your everyday life? Our yoga and Pilates classes and will build core strength and improve your flexibility to help in prevention of common injuries.

Lose Weight

You try to stay fit, but life gets in the way. You need a workout that’s quick and efficient with a smart, focused nutrition plan. If you’re looking for a healthful lifestyle without being totally inconvenienced, check out Michael’s new book – Coach Yourself Thin. It can be ordered on Amazon or pick up a copy at Training Partners. Combine our group/personal training w/his nutritional guidance and you will be burning those calories, blasting that fat and staying fit throughout the year.

So what’s your goal going to be?  Make sure it’s S.M.A.R.T. and get after it!