Balance Workshop

DID YOU KNOW that falls are the leading cause of death in seniors and the number one cause for emergency room visits for those 65 years and over?  It has been proven that seniors who exercise and practice balance activities can avert the devastating effects of a fall.

Our 3 week workshop will focus on balance, coordination, flexibility and posture.  “By utilizing your five physical senses in unexpected ways and modifying your everyday routines we can help you improve your overall fitness level in a safe environment.”

To assess the status of your posture, strength, balance and flexibility review the questions below.  If you have trouble in any of these areas, then our class is for you!

  • Are you standing and sitting up as straight as you once did or have you started to slouch?
  • Is walking up a flight of stairs a strain at times?
  • Can you easily look left and right when backing up in your car?
  • Do you trip or lose your balance easily?
  • Do you get stiff when sitting for a long period of time?
  • Can you stand on one foot to put on your shoe?
  • Can you get up off the floor without assistance?

Classes for the workshop will be offered 3-4 times a year.  All participants must pre-register.  Space is limited.  We hope you will join us.  For additional information call 252-0920 or email us at [email protected]

Participant Comments:

  • “It was inspiring to try things and do more; I liked the encouragement, the great tips and procedures.”
  • “Thank you – it was GREAT!”
  • “I liked the variety of activities. It was well-planned and excellent instructors.”
  • “I enjoyed it and learned ways to improve my balance.”
  • “The class made me aware of both my strengths and weaknesses.  I enjoyed the interactions with staff and other participants.”
  • “I enjoyed the personal attention – class was FUN.”
  • “Well organized, low pressure, fun and helpful.  Good job Ellen & Peggy.”
  • “Excellent instructors.”