Client Forms

All clients must download and complete a Health History Questionnaire before starting your training with us. You may complete this form and email it to us, or bring it to your first session.


Emma brings energy, smiles, and detailed attention to her clients’ needs. Having worked with Emma frequently, I can attest to the hard work and great good humor she brings to every workout. Although I am her senior by (too darn many!) decades, she cuts me no slack on that account, while accommodating the demands of one or two balky joints. She offers a creative approach to specific joint issues and always has a substitute exercise to suggest if something doesn’t feel right. Workouts with Emma are both challenging and enormous fun!

Alice LeMaistre

I have worked with personal trainer Peggy Emory for seven years. She is always enthusiastic and cheerful, urging me to do my best every time I come to Training Partners. She carefully designs workouts that improve all aspects of my fitness—strength, cardio, balance, posture, and agility. She is sympathetic with the frailties of my “experienced” body, but at the same time she does not allow me to be lazy. My joints and muscles thank her. So does my heart. I hope to continue working with her for another seven years.

Phyllis Lang

Kelly has been my trainer for four years. She utilizes very innovative techniques to keep me motivated and moving toward my goals. She has been very flexible with me as my goals change. Most of all Kelly keeps me safe. I haven’t had an injury since working with Kelly which keeps me coming back to her!

Lynn Hill

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