This May will mark the 4th year we have worked with Bee Branch Farms to bring fresh vegetables to our clients every summer. What a fun, successful program it has been!

For those of you that don’t know, Bee Branch Farms is located in Sandy Mush (west of Asheville) and is owned by Glenn and Terri Wells. Their new adventure began on this historic farm that has been farmed by generations of Terri’s family for over 200 years. Over the years, many crops have been tended and animals raised: tobacco, tomatoes, corn, cattle, sheep, hogs and bees to name a few. In 2009 their family made the commitment to preserve over 500 acres of the farm in a conservation easement with Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC) in order to ensure that it will be farm land for perpetuity. View the video to learn about the farm’s history (

Glenn and Terri began their stewardship over a few of these acres to work toward a sustainable, healthful farm that offers vegetables, fruit, honey, eggs, herbs and flowers. Grateful for the opportunity they have been given; they want to share it with others who also care about our integral connection with nature. So, the garden plots have been tilled, seeds planted and new recipes created to go with every delivery this summer.

Below are the various 2016 summer options for all TP members. We hope to deliver Thursday afternoons June – September.  As we plan this season, it would be helpful to know your preferred arrangement. We do have a limited amount of the “Weekly Veggie Bounty” slots available so please let Charlene know if you would like to be an Ala Carte or Bounty customer.  Program details follow:

  • Ala “Veggie” Carte – place a specific order each week based on veggie availability.
    1. Place order with Charlene on Monday, place money in farm envelope in the office and pick-up veggies on TUESDAY 3pm on.
  • Weekly Veggie Bounty – Choose a value ($15 or $20) and I will bring you a variety of fresh veggies weekly (in a bag for easy pick up). Based on last year, I recommend paying monthly. FULL FOR 2016
    • This option will be on automatic delivery each week, no need to communicate unless you don’t need veggies that week because of vacation etc. (Please communicate with us asap if you don’t need veggies – at least by the Monday prior to Thursday delivery). If you find you need more or less veggies, you may switch between the $15 and $20 value.

If you wish to be on the email list and receive the vegetable available list each week please let Charlene know.

We are thrilled to be heading into our 4th year partnering with Bee Branch Farms in our mission to promote healthy living. We are looking forward to a fun and healthy season.