Metabolic Charge


Winter session starts Fall 2016.

Sometimes your metabolism just needs a boost to get over the next hurdle. “Charge” metabolism and break through your fitness plateau with this 10 day exercise program. Work at your strongest for 10 straight days with the energy of a group in just 30 MINUTES EACH DAY. Workouts include kettlebells, strength training, cardio, TRX and more.

You’ll get measured, weighed and receive an exercise/food journal and daily healthy nutrition guidelines. You’ll work hard, have fun, meet new people and your metabolism will get the charge you’ve been looking for to jump start your new fitness regimen or progress your current workout routine.

Sessions are offered at 6:30am and 5:30pm. Space is limited to 14 people and a minimum of 6 is required for each program. Advance registration is required.


Can I attend both the morning and evening sessions? No, you should sign-up for either the morning or evening session however, if you are unable to attend one of your sessions you can come to the other session for that day.

What about Saturday and Sunday workouts? The morning group will workout at 8:30am on Saturday and 2:00pm on Sunday.  The evening group will workout at 9:00am Saturday morning and 2:30 on Sunday afternoon.

What all is included? All participants will receive an exercise/food journal and healthy nutrition guidelines. Measured and weighed at the beginning and end of the program; 10 fun supervised workouts with a trainer and the motivational energy of a group all committed to working hard and having fun.

What is the advantage of Metabolic Charge? We tend to stay in our comfort zones when exercising on our own.  When your workout is “stale” you can reach a plateau, it’s good to ‘shock’ your system and shake things up. Try something new.  It’s a fun way to shape-up for spring and stay motivated to exercise.

Can beginners participate? All workouts are modified for physical limitations. This workout is NOT for sedentary individuals. It’s best for the weekend warrior or anyone who is currently exercising and would like some extra motivation to break through a fitness plateau. Try something new and just have some fun.

What if I have to miss one of the workouts? It’s okay to miss, but everyone pays in advance for the program. No refund for sessions missed but you can attend other Metabolic Charge sessions scheduled for that day.

How do I register? Thru email at [email protected] or by calling 828-252-0920 or visiting Training Partners.

from past Metabolic Charge participants:

“I loved the variety of classes and 1/2 hour concentrated time.”

“I got stronger as I went.  Always looked forward to class and being able to choose between morning and evening. I wish it wasn’t over yet.”

“I loved the variety of exercises, approaches and trainers ‘mixing it up.'”

“I had gotten out of rhythm of working out and this got me back into it.”

“Being in a group of great people – the TP community is wonderful.”

“I liked the instructors, group energy, class diversity and meeting new people.”

“Peggy’s instruction and enthusiasm.  She was an excellent teacher and I especially appreciated her explaining modifications.”

“Metabolic Charge motivated me to focus on getting more exercise into my days.”

 “Good variety of classes.  Like the efficiency of getting a good workout in 30 minutes before starting my day.”

“I liked how it was something different each class and how there were alternate ways to do each exercise.”

“I loved seeing a reduction in inches in such a short time.  It was hard work but will help get me back into the exercise groove.”