Getting Started with Your Personal Trainer

Following are some questions to help you make a decision as to whether you want a personal trainer and if so, what to expect.  If you have additional questions that we have neglected to include on our website, please call us at 252-0920, we will be happy to help you.

How do I choose the right trainer?
At many clubs, you make an inquiry about PERSONAL TRAINING and then end up being shuffled off to someone you have never met or spoken to. At Training Partners we want to make sure you are comfortable with your trainer and trust in his/her abilities. Unlike many facilities we encourage you to try out different trainers. We do our best to match trainer and client based on fitness level, medical concerns, gender preference, health and wellness goals, and, of course, personalities but sometimes it just comes down to good chemistry. We encourage you to interview us, as this will be a personal one-on-one relationship and your time and money should be well spent. You have to enjoy your sessions and trust the person you are working with in order to get results.

Below are some suggestions for questions that you should ask any trainer that you are considering working with.

  • What are the trainer’s professional credentials?  Who is he/she certified with?
  • Has the trainer worked with other clients with your same fitness level and age? If you are training for a specific sport goal, such as a marathon, has the trainer worked with others who have had that goal?
  • If you have a specific medical problem, injury or condition (such as being pregnant, heart problems, diabetes, etc.) does your trainer have an education in this area and are they willing to work with your doctor, physical therapist, etc.?
  • Does the trainer keep up with the latest ideas, research, and equipment?
  • How are they going to help you accomplish your goals? Are your goals and objectives reviewed on a regular basis?
  • Does the trainer have an updated certification in CPR/AED and/or First Aid?
  • What hours does the trainer have available, and what flexibility will there be in scheduling your workouts?
  • What are the fees? What are the trainers operating procedures? Is there a cancellation policy and is it clearly written out?

Now that I have made the decision to work with a trainer how do I get started?
To start, we will set-up an appointment for an initial assessment as well as ask you to complete a few forms that you will bring with you when you come in for your first appointment. These forms include your medical and physical fitness history, type of current activities, present fitness level, nutritional habits, daily schedule, etc.

We will also ask that you write down your fitness goals, needs and interests so that we can work together to create an individualized and realistic program that you can follow and will allow you to see results. We ask that you take some time and answer the questions thoroughly. This ensures we have the tools and information to create the safest and most appropriate program for you. All forms can be downloaded from the Personal Training tab on this site.

What happens in the first session?
In our first session we will review your medical history and any “concerned areas” you might have. We will also assess your current level of flexibility, balance and strength. This is an absolute necessity and will help you avoid injury and ensure you won’t be doing exercises you shouldn’t be doing. From your assessment, we will begin to build the foundation for your exercise regimen. After the first session you will have a clear picture of what your fitness program will look like and what it will include.

All future sessions will build upon this initial session. You should wear comfortable clothing and shoes for you will be moving from the very first session. Know that if you are presently fit and do not struggle with motivation, we will begin moving right away.

What happens if I need to reschedule my session(s)?
You can reschedule any appointments you make. Just remember to call, text or email your trainer at least 12 hours before your scheduled session. This will allow your trainer to book another client in this time slot.

Unfortunately, if you do not provide 12 hours’ notice, you will still be charged for the session. Our trainers spend a lot of time preparing for each clients sessions so in all fairness and respect to them we do require advance notice when you need to reschedule. Keep in mind though; this policy is helpful to you as well. There are always days when we just feel lazy. We have found our clients are less likely to miss their workouts and renege on their fitness goals if they know they still have to pay. This keeps you accountable to yourself and your goals.