Our BIG summer MIGRATION ended on 8/6.  As usual, WE GREATLY APPRECIATE everyone participating.  We try to be creative in keeping you healthy and moving throughout the year.

BIG CONGRATS to Bob Reynolds who was the first whale to finish! He did it with such style and grace it totally humiliated his friends Ted and John into working a little harder to also become whales.

Martha B. gets a big high five as well – she ran MANY 5K’s (of which she was quite vocal about) to achieve her whale status. Other special whales in the TP Pod were Phyllis L., Nancy H., Don R., Neysa H. and Marella B. with the rear of the pod being completed by the new species of “slacker” whales – Ted and John!

Our hummingbirds were quite busy flying back and forth – Charlie R. and Hope S. made the trip 4x and achieved gold hummingbird status!  Silver hummingbird status was achieved by Lorraine P., Donna M., Joyce Y., and Jackie W.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Last but not least – who can forget the zebras?  Carol K. and Joan R. were quite busy taking care of the herd migrating across the plains making sure all got a rest now and then.  Lorraine even made the trek when she got tired of flying back and forth as a hummingbird.

If any of you have any suggestions or ideas for our next event or how we can make it more fun you please let us know – we are always planning “our next big event!”