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Hello Bounty Families:

I have attached recipes for a yummy garden fresh brunch that our book group just enjoyed along with fresh fruit and salads. It will give you good ideas for swiss chard and the zucchini that is about to come your way.
We will continue to harvest the various veggies that we have been bringing you, but the garden is transitioning to what I call the “summer” garden. We will also start bringing in “straight 8” cucumbers and others varieties to continue throughout the summer, squash and zucchini (Costata Romanesca, Bush Baby (small zucchini) and Yellow Early Straightneck), and Green Beans! (I know you love them; the first are back by popular demand from last year, “provider”).

Over the next couple of weeks, we will harvest the gourmet Cipollini onions (Bianca Di Maggio).  Here is a good link to learn more about these special, sweet onions: http://www.drgourmet.com/ingredients/cipolini.shtml  We have complete our bulb onion harvest, and will only be harvesting green onions from here on out.

We also have jalapeno peppers ready for those you who like some heat; just let me know if you can handle the heat. The tender sweet cabbages are ready as well as the purple/red cabbage and we have some new lettuces that are ready in additional to the previous ones we have been harvesting. I will start making up new salad mixes for you.
Lots of good summer suppers headed your way!

I hope to take the time this week to post to beebranchfarm.com blog, and provide more details of life on the farm, but for now, I’m heading back outside to get to work.

Terri (owner of Bee Branch Farms).

If you are interested in joining other TP’ers in getting weekly vegetables please contact Charlene.