The importance of conditioning and training your body is not only integral in achieving your fitness goals but also for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. This I know to be a fact.

I’ve experienced my share of challenges as an athlete-training and planning for success, but also injuryies along the way and health issues. I know first hand the importance of a solid physical foundation and recovering from the curveballs life throws at your body. This knowledge and experience has shaped how I approach personal training and in my fintess philosophy.



No goal is to big or too small. Fitness should be fun and engaging. I enjoy training clients that are looking to set goals to improve their lifestyle. Coming up with creative solutions to keep you focused and seeing results is what I am all about.

My “WHY”

We were born to move; it’s in our DNA. Being active, both mentally and physically is critical for longevity and vitality. I believe no matter where you are in your fitness journey it’s important to always be moving forward, challenging yourself, and staying active.

things i like to do

I love finding new adventures to go on with my wife and our dogs – be it hiking trails, roadtrips, or finding new and interesting foodie places around Asheville. I’m always up for trying new things. Truth be told, most days you’ll find me in the gym working on boxing techniques and honing my skills. I love studying both classic boxers and young upcoming fighters.

Warning – if you happen to mention anything with Star Wars, comic book superheros, or Japanese anime, be prepared for me to “geek-out” on you.


Movement has always been in my family. I grew up in a household of ballet and flamenco dancers who introduced me to movement. I was challenged with a learning disability that made me push past my comfort zones, but it was the catalyst for my own physical fitness journey. Through gymnastics I discovered my lifelong passion of martial arts.

I have practticed, Tai Kwon Do; Tai Chi; Jiu Jitsu; Kung Fu (L am Paj); Hapkido; and competed in San Da/San Chou kickboxing in USKBA amateur league. After retiring from fighting, my interests turned to boxing – learning, practicing and then coaching others to amateur success.  Training fighters and students, who had individual goals, lead me to become interested in personal training.

I currently hold certifications from NASM, TRX, Kettlebell Concepts, Functional Movement, Integrated Stretch and Flexibility, Reebok Core Training System and the Gray Institute .. to name a few. I love learning new disciplines and training methods.

“I have worked with Victor for over a year. He constantly challenges me with inventive, interesting and progressive workouts. He is focused, attentive to detail and imaginative. He pushes me to work hard and is extremely supportive and encouraging. With Victor you have a real partner in obtaining and exceeding your fitness goals. He is able to draw upon a variety of expertise, to create dynamic workouts that never become routine. We work on strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance using a variety of techniques and skill sets such as boxing, kickboxing, kettlebells, TRX, bands, functional and resistance training.”

–Robin A.

“Every workout builds on what was performed previously. He alters each workout that he takes you through to compensate for different medical problems. I have shoulders problems, with Victor’s guidance, I can do pushups using medicine balls, my far reaching goal (one of them) is to do pushup in a handstand position.  When I first started, I had no idea that the training was going to be that in depth and thorough it has been a muscle building, lung expanding plus fun mental event.”

– Steve R.

Victor is one of the most thorough, well-rounded trainers in the business. No matter what my goal has been (i.e. increasing core/leg strength, improving flexibility, adding lean muscle, losing fat, improving as a boxer, etc.) Victor has been able to construct a fitness regimen to help me to meet my goals. He does a tremendous job of helping me push through my boundaries while keeping the workouts interesting and compelling. Victor’s understanding of physiology and fitness, coupled with his amiable teaching style help make each session something I look forward to. Whether you’re just starting off, are bored with your current regimen or even if you’re advanced and looking for new ways to challenge your body and mind, Victor is your guy. If you want to look better, feel stronger and perform at a higher level give him a ring and put him on your calendar.”

– Brad

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