All TP classes and group training events can be found on our calendar. You may drop into a class, but the group training events are by advanced sign-up only.

Class Descriptions



Start with a 30 minute cardio workout utilizing your body weight and large movements to keep your heart rate elevated. Followed by a 30 minute total body strength workout designed to increase muscle strength and endurance. You can come for the 30 min. cardio section or 30 min. strength section or for the entire hour!



This class will help improve flexibility, strengthen your core, challenge your balance, and leave you feeling longer and stronger.

Senior Yoga


Appropriate for all fitness levels. Modifications for those with limitations.

Classes are virtual; call or email for sign-up.

Senior Tai Chi


Tai Chi integrates the mind to drive the Qi (internal energy); the body to promote mental relaxation and improve physical health with gentle flowing movements. Virtual only.

Senior Strength


Work on balance and overall strength. Appropriate for all fitness levels; modifications for those w/limitations.

Classes are virtual one; call or email for sign-up.

Functional Strength


A total body workouts using all types of equipment (TRX; tubes, dbells; kbells, etc.) with focus on balance as well. All sessions are hybrid (in-person and virtual).



In this Hatha yoga class, students will explore linking conscious breath with mindful movement. Inclusive to everyone whether you have done yoga before or not.

Senior Pilates


A total body workouts; appropriate for all fitness levels. Classes are hybrid (in-person/virtual).

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