Working with the 50+ age (active adult) market is our speciality and we have been doing it for 28 years. Together we can help you get stronger and healthier so you can reach your wellness goals and live a full life doing whatever you choose.

We couldn’t ask for better clients or a better job!

For 28 years we have served the 50+ age market in Asheville and have had the privilege of working with over 3000 clients. Helping them be fit and strong enabling them to live their best lives as they age.

As a group of trainers we come from diverse backgrounds and interests, but share the same training philosophy and values. We are professionals in our field and each of us possess 2+ certifications with national organizations and numerous speciality certifications. We are constantly honing our “craft” so that we can provide our clients with a safe and precise fitness program to ensure their success. The majority of us have been together for 12+ years and together possess over 180 years of experience.

Over the years we have shared in many celebrations as our clients accomplished their goals: walking El Camino; biking through Newfoundland; ability to play soccer and other games with their grandchildren; hiking Macchu Picchu; the Dolomites and the mountains of Chile; paddling the Yukon Territories; building Habitat houses, creating magnificent gardens or just taking a walk thru their neighborhood. Sometimes clients come in the door feeling tired or stiff; yet always leave feeling better than when they came in. We couldn’t ask for better clients or a better job!

We love what we do and hope to have the opportunity of working with you too!



Clients can start with our intro package or with hour or half hour sessions. All clients will be assigned an individual training zone and will not share equipment with other clients. Pay for individual sessions or purchase several sessions at a time.

Need less individual attention or on a budget? Try small group training or our group classes.  More info.


All clients must download and complete a Health History Questionnaire before starting training. You may email it to us, or bring them to your first session.

Personal Training FAQ

We work with each of our clients individually and help them accomplish their goals of moving better and feeling better.

What questions should you ask any trainer you are considering working with?

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  • What are your professional credentials?  The top 4 certifying bodies in the country are ACSM, NASM, NSCA and ACE.
  • Have you worked with other clients with my fitness level and who are my age?
  • Do you have the education and skills to deal my specific medical issue or condition?
  • What new things have you learned from your continuing education?

How do I get started?

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You can schedule a in-person or virtual session by calling or sending an email using the contact button below.  It’s as simple as that. 

Can I pick which trainer I want to work with?

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We all work as a together as a team and share many clients.  We want to make ensure you are comfortable w/your trainer and trust in his/her abilities. We encourage you to try out different trainers. We do our best to match trainer and client based on fitness level, medical concerns, gender preference, health and wellness goals, and, of course, personalities but sometimes it just comes down to good chemistry. We encourage you to interview us, as this will be a personal one-on-one relationship and your time and money should be well spent. You have to enjoy your sessions and trust the person you are working with in order to get results.

Make sure to check out our trainer profiles. Please note some trainer schedules might be full.

How long are the training sessions?

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Sessions are scheduled in 50 min. (due to COVID) or 30 minutes blocks.

What happens in my first training session?

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In your first session we will review your medical history, assess your movement quality, strength and balance.  This is essential as it allows us to build the foundation for your exercise plan.  After the first session you will have a clear picture of what your program will look like and include.

What happens if I am sick and need to cancel?

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If you are feeling bad the day before just give us a heads up letting us know you are not feeling well and might need to cancel.  Of course, if you wake up and feel ill just let us know first thing that morning.

All other missed sessions under your control (i.e. you forgot you had an appt.) not cancelled by 5pm the day before your training session you will be charged for.

Client Forms for Personal Training

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All clients will need to download and complete the Health History form before starting your first training session. You can email it back or bring to your first training session.


Fitness Wish List



Emma brings energy, smiles, and detailed attention to her clients’ needs. Having worked with Emma frequently, I can attest to the hard work and great good humor she brings to every workout. Although I am her senior by (too darn many!) decades, she cuts me no slack on that account, while accommodating the demands of one or two balky joints. She offers a creative approach to specific joint issues and always has a substitute exercise to suggest if something doesn’t feel right. Workouts with Emma are both challenging and enormous fun!

Alice LeMaistre

I have worked with personal trainer Peggy Emory for seven years. She is always enthusiastic and cheerful, urging me to do my best every time I come to Training Partners. She carefully designs workouts that improve all aspects of my fitness—strength, cardio, balance, posture, and agility. She is sympathetic with the frailties of my “experienced” body, but at the same time she does not allow me to be lazy. My joints and muscles thank her. So does my heart. I hope to continue working with her for another seven years.

Phyllis Lang

Kelly has been my trainer for four years. She utilizes very innovative techniques to keep me motivated and moving toward my goals. She has been very flexible with me as my goals change. Most of all Kelly keeps me safe. I haven’t had an injury since working with Kelly which keeps me coming back to her!

Lynn Hill

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